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Dog Bow Ties & Clips

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Dog Bow Ties, Clips and Headbands

Dress your pup up in style with fashionable dog apparel accessories—like dog hair clips, bows, bandanas and more. Pick the type of apparel in the perfect print that matches your pup’s personality. Dog headbands are a great way to liven up your pet’s ensemble, while small dog bow ties help keep your pup well-suited for any themed party.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Bow Ties and Dog Accessories

Discover a great selection of dog bow ties and other accessories online or at your neighborhood Petco Pet Care Center. Consider pairing your new dog tie with some of our dog apparel for a complete outfit.

Dog bows come with elastic bands for easy attachment to your pup’s hair. First, make sure your dog is bathed and its hair is clean before attaching a dog hair bow—dirty fur may make it harder for the bow to stay on. Comb the section of your pet’s hair where you’d like to attach the bow. Then, put the elastic around your thumb and pointer finger and wrap it around the section of hair; continue wrapping it until it’s tight. Pull it taut near your dog’s skin, but not too tight so that it’s uncomfortable for your pup.

Petco has a variety of dog hair bows that might work well for your pet’s hair and look stylish, too. You could even try dog bows for ears with hair clips.

Dog bandanas come in various sizes, and most have adjustable collars to help ensure a perfect fit for your dog. You can also get a bandana that simply ties around your pup’s neck. Whatever style you choose, make sure that the festive bandana fits just right by measuring your dog’s neck. For the appropriate fit, you should be able to place two fingers between the bandana and your pup’s fur.

Dog bows can be easily attached to a dog collar by slipping the elastic loop located on the back over the collar. Place the pet bow tie anywhere on the collar.