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Dog Bicycle Baskets

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Dog Bicycle Baskets

Heading out onto the open road with your pup by your side is a dream of many dog parents. It can be easy to cruise around the neighborhood with our amazing selection of dog baskets for bikes—pet parent and canine-approved—you can read reviews to learn how others enjoyed their bicycle baskets for dogs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Putting your dog in a dog basket for bikes can be a fun way to spend time with your pup in the great outdoors. If you have a small- to medium-sized breed, you can often use a front bike basket for dogs or a rear bike basket for dogs. Larger breeds—more than 50 pounds—typically fit better in a dog bicycle trailer hitched to the back of your bike.

If you find that your pup is unsure about a dog bike basket, take a look at our dog carriers and strollers, which you can still use to transport them while you walk.

Many pet parents transport their small dog in a front- or rear-facing dog bicycle basket. Help get your pup comfortable by carrying them around in a basket or letting them sit in the dog bicycle basket. Once your dog seems comfy, you might try walking your bike around with them sitting in the basket. Finally, consider riding around with them and notice their reaction.

The comfort and safety of your dog are most important, so if they ever seem anxious, it’s usually best to go back to a previous step and try again. Remember, rewarding your pup with treats and praise can be great for positive reinforcement which helps your canine copilot understand they’re a good boy or girl.

Taking your dog on a bike ride can be simple if you choose the right size and style of dog bike basket carrier. First, make sure you know your dog’s weight, as most front bike baskets for dogs can only carry up to a certain number of pounds. If you’re looking for large dog bike baskets, you may only be able to use a large dog bicycle trailer, which can sometimes be ideal for dogs weighing between 50- and 100-lbs.

A mountain bike dog basket can be great for heading out on an adventure—just make sure your pup is leashed or harnessed to the basket to help keep them secure and steady when you encounter any bumps on the trail.