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bark collars for dog training and noise control

Bark Collars let you customize the type of bark control that works best for your dog. New technology provides firm, fair and consistent bark control, eliminating false corrections by requiring both vibration and sound to trigger a correction. These behavior modification products (sometimes incorrectly referred to as dog shock collars) feature an automatic safety shut-off, reducing the risk of over-correction. While many pet owners are firmly anti-bark collar, these training devices can be helpful for excessively noisy pups.

Bark collars are easy to operate and many collars begin with a simple warning tone to remind your pup not to bark. Some dog bark collars emit a mild static correction that isn’t harmful to your pet, but is a sufficient deterrent to excessive barking. Bark collars have previously earned a bad reputation and were incorrectly labeled “shock collars,” which is not the case for items available today. Thanks to new technology, dog owners can effectively train their pets, while not worrying about the safety of their methods. Explore all of the bark collar options available at Petco.