Dog Bandanas

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Dog Bandanas

Dog bandanas are a great apparel accessory for special occasions, such as your dog’s birthday, or even for everyday wear. Consider a cotton or mesh puppy bandana personalized with their name to commemorate your adoption day, and to show everyone the newest, furriest member of your family. Or get a bandana with their favorite character, a sporty bandana that’s suitable for long hikes, or even a colorful bandana to match everyone else in a family portrait.

Frequently Asked Questions

First and foremost, bandanas are a cute accessory for our pups. But they also serve a purpose. They can help you quickly identify your dog in a dog park, and some veterinarians even recommend adding your scent to the bandana before anxious situations, such as a long car ride or unfamiliar place.

Yes, in fact they can sometimes help prevent dogs from harmful UV exposure on sunny days. This is especially beneficial if your dog has a thin or light-colored coat.

Fold the bandana in half so that two opposite corners meet, making a triangle. Then take the far two ends of the triangle and tie them around your dog’s neck—not too loose or too tight. The bottom tip of the triangle can lay flat on their back for “cape” style, or draped in the front for “cowboy” style.

Make sure it’s long enough to tie the far corners of the bandana around your dog’s neck, with at least 5 inches to spare on each side.

While we can never know our dogs' accessory preferences for sure, bandanas are a simple piece of fabric that won’t interfere with their everyday life much more than a collar.