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Dog Bandages

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Dog Bandages

For scratches and cuts to open sores from a bug bite or skin irritation, a handy supply of dog bandages is essential for any dog parent. Used in combination with an antiseptic spray, a bandage can help keep a wound clean and also deter your pet from causing further irritation. Petco carries several styles, each designed for a specific type of injury. Bandage types typically include gauze squares and rolls, nonstick pads, and paper and adhesive first-aid tape. Some bandages have a bitter coating to discourage your dog from licking their wounds. Anti-lick sprays are also available for the same purpose. Depending on your dog’s specific injury, your veterinarian might also recommend a hot or cold therapy wrap, medical boot or a dog recovery cone. Speak with your veterinarian for advice about treating your dog’s injury without causing any further irritation.

FAQs about Dog Bandages

That depends on the severity of the injury. Petco carries a number of liquid bandage products for dogs intended to help seal and protect minor cuts. We recommend contacting your veterinarian to determine if liquid bandage is a suitable solution for the severity of your pet’s injury. 

The answer depends on the specific injury. Consult your veterinarian to determine if one is necessary and instructions on proper application.

Some bandages have a bitter coating to help discourage chewing. You can also use an anti-lick spray. A dog recovery cone may be another option to help prevent your dog from interfering with their bandage. 

We recommend following the treatment guidelines set forth by your veterinarian for changing and removing bandages.