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Dog Bandages and Bandaids

From scratches and cuts gained by playing too rough to open sores from a bug bite or skin irritation, a handy supply of dog bandages is essential for any pet parent. Besides treating their wounds with an antiseptic spray, it may be necessary to use a bandage to keep their injury clean and also deter them from further irritating the wound. Petco carries several styles, each ideal for certain situations. Bandage types typically include gauze squares and rolls, non-stick pads, and paper and adhesive first aid tape. Some bandages have a special bitter coating, or you can buy an anti-lick spray, to help stop your dog from licking their wound. You may also consider hot and cold therapy wraps, medical boots, and e-collars to help reduce further irritation. Before bandaging your pup up, you should consult your veterinarian to learn the proper bandaging technique. In some cases, bandages can be applied too tightly, which can cause damage if blood flow is restricted.

FAQs about Dog Bandages

That depends on the severity of the injury. Petco carries a number of liquid bandage products for dogs intended to help seal and protect minor cuts. We recommend contacting your veterinarian to determine if liquid bandage is a suitable solution for your pet’s injury.

In some cases a bandage may be required. Be sure to consult your veterinarian to learn how to properly bandage your dog’s paw.

Some bandages have a bitter coating to help prevent dogs from biting at their bandages. You can also find anti-lick sprays. An e-collar may be another option to help prevent your dog from accessing their bandage.

We recommend following the treatment guidelines set forth by your veterinarian. You’ll likely need to change bandages daily, or if it gets dirty or soiled.