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Dog Balls & Launchers

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Dog Ball Launchers

Many dogs possess a powerful fetch instinct, which is why it can seem like they never get tired of playing the game. Dog ball launchers allow you to bond with your pets and keep canines active for longer without straining your body.

FAQs About Dog Ball Launchers

You can’t play a game of fetch without a ball or toy, so what kind of dog balls should you be looking for? First, there’s absolutely nothing wrong is tossing around an old-school tennis ball. In fact, many dog ball throwers are designed to fit tennis balls.

However, if you look at Petco's dog fetch toys, you’ll find many additional dog toy ball options. Make sure the ball is the right size for your dog so they can catch and carry it easily in their mouth. Next, look for dog balls that are extra tough and durable so you can last through many playtimes. Finally, choose a ball designed specifically for dogs so that it won’t harm your dog’s teeth. And you might go for a brightly colored ball to make it easier to find.

A dog that loves playing fetch will often love all types of launchers. If the ball is flying, they’ll be chasing. That means the best pet ball launcher is the one that works for you. Flexible wand fetchers can save you from having to bend over to pick up a slimy ball and allow you to throw the ball farther than you could on your own. Shooting launchers can be great for pet parents with shoulder issues who can’t throw or guardians with multiple dogs since many shooters can be loaded with several balls.

Finally, if you are out of the house often or don’t always have time to play with your dog as much as they would like, consider investing in an automatic dog fetcher. These fetchers cost more, but anyone can use one. You may even be able to train your dog to play fetch on their own.

Dog ball launchers can be great tools for pet parents to help their pups get ample exercise that many breeds need.

Launchers can cause dogs to use their joints, muscles and cartilage when they sprint after balls and jump to catch them. Pet parents can help prevent injuries by warming up their dogs properly with a walk before starting a game of fetch. It’s also better to avoid playing fetch on hard surfaces, like asphalt or concrete. Give your dog breaks during fetch to avoid overheating, especially on hot days.

It also may not be a good idea to use a launcher or even play fetch with dogs that suffer from arthritis or joint issues. Finally, launchers may not be appropriate to use with puppies, as their bones are very soft, and their joints are still growing. Interactive dog toys could be a good substitution for puppies and older dogs. If you worry about whether to introduce a dog ball thrower to your pet, consult your veterinarian.

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