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Artificial Grass Potty Pads for Dogs

Artificial grass pads provide a convenient spot indoors for your dog to do their business and they can be useful for a variety of reasons. For pet parents with busy schedules, fake grass for dogs provides your pooch a green spot to go so they don’t have to hold it all day. Artificial grass can also prove useful during harsh or inclement weather when pets and pet parents may be reluctant to venture outdoors. Additionally, if you live on a high floor of an apartment building, dog grass pads save you a trip down the stairs or a walk through your neighborhood when your pup needs to go late at night.

It’s important to keep in mind some of the advantages and disadvantages of using potty pads. Although they are portable, can be used indoors, and don’t require pet parents to venture outside, using fake grass can add another step to house training your dog in the long term. If the future goal is to only have your pooch use the bathroom outdoors, your dog may view any pad around your house as a bathroom spot. We offer additional tips on potty training dogs on pads in this helpful guide. Be sure to check out our entire line of clean-up products for dogs including odor removers, vacuums, waste disposal, and soaps and sanitizers.

FAQs about Artificial Grass for Dogs

Most artificial grass for dogs is designed to catch urine in a waste container, which can be emptied and cleaned. Simply remove solid waste like you would in your backyard. Soiled synthetic grass can be replaced as needed.

Yes! Your dog can do all their normal bathroom business on artificial grass. Simply clean solid waste like you would outdoors with a standard poop bag.

Of course! We have a wide selection of artificial grass pads for dogs, including sizes x-small to large.

An artificial grass training system is a great option for pet parents because it allows for easy collection of pet waste and convenient replacement of soiled synthetic grass. This helps you to keep your home clean and odor-free.

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