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Disposable Litter Boxes

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Disposable Litter Boxes

Making sure that your cat is well-taken care of can be a lot of work. Between trips to the vet, finding the right food and catnip treats and spending quality playtime with your feline, some busy pet parents don’t have time for the regular rigors of cleaning a litter box. Disposable kitty litter boxes aren’t just a great option for busy pet parents but can also be convenient for traveling with your cat when bringing along your regular, hefty box won’t do. If you find yourself pet-sitting someone’s feline friend, a disposable litter box with litter can help you save time and money when accommodating your guest.

FAQs About Disposable Litter Boxes

While most of these boxes are made from natural materials, the actual substance can vary, and its durability will mostly depend on its ability to stand up to moisture. Cardboard litter boxes will typically last the shortest amount of time but can be a great lightweight option for short car trips. However, disposable kitty litter boxes made of paper can be surprisingly durable and will likely last longer than cardboard—some are even designed to be waterproof. Boxes made from bagasse—a fibrous material made from sugar cane pulp—are also water-resistant and typically durable.

Depending on your pet, disposable cat litter pans and boxes will typically need the litter replaced anywhere from once a week to once every two weeks. Since some disposable solutions can last weeks, you can use the same box for multiple loads of litter. Some boxes are infused with baking soda to help keep them fresher, longer, allowing you a day or two of extra time before they should be replaced.

If you and your feline friend love to take trips, then a disposable litter box for travel and a compact bed can be worth not having to carry around your cat’s regular supplies. If you’re the friend who volunteers to take care of pets when people are out of town, then having some of these boxes can save money and space in your home over buying a regular litter box. Of course, if you like being prepared for situations like your normal box cracking or breaking, buying disposable cat litter boxes in bulk can help make sure that you’re not caught off-guard.