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dog dental wipes | dental wipes for dogs

Come to Petco for a supply of dog dental wipes that will have your canine’s chompers cleaned and gleamed. If Fluffy’s fangs are looking a little funky, and you’re short on time or supplies for a full-fledged cleaning, a pack of dental wipes for dogs may be just the thing to give their pearly-whites a quick polish.

A frequently asked question among new pet parents is how often their newest and furriest family member should have their teeth cleaned. The simple answer is, as often as possible; in fact, many veterinarians recommend giving your pup’s teeth a good brushing at least once a day. Much like our teeth, dog dentine can also experience a build-up of bacteria from leftover foodstuffs that, if left unchecked, can lead to dire dental dilemmas. Fortunately, with the help of some dog dental wipes, you can help your pup avoid an unnecessary trip to the vet.

The perfect alternative for pups who recoil at the mere sight of a toothbrush, dental wipes for dogs work just as hard to clean their teeth and gums, maintain oral hygiene and help keep harmful bacteria at bay. Many of the dog teeth wipes you’ll find are available in packages of up to 100 cleaning pads, so you can give your pup’s jaws the attention they need. Some dog dental wipes include peppermint oils and other natural ingredients to aid in freshening their breath, so you can keep those puppy kisses coming.

Help bring out your pup’s winning smile with a pack of dog dental wipes from Petco.