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Cuttlebone for Birds

Cuttlebones, which come in multiple flavors, are an essential addition to your bird's habitat. Specially designed cuttlebone holders make it easy to secure the cuttlebones in place. Cuttlebones for birds have multiple benefits. As a grooming tool, cuttlebones can help keep your bird's beak trimmed as they peck and chew on it. More importantly though, nutritionally cuttlebone provides the calcium that seeds do not. An essential nutrient, calcium can help keep your feathered friend's bones healthy and strong. They are especially critical for birds that are laying eggs to help prevent a calcium deficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cuttlebone for Birds

Cuttlebones, which are derived from the shell of a cuttlefish, help keep your bird's beak trimmed and provide an additional source of calcium for your bird. Cuttlebones for birds also come in various flavors such as mango, banana, orange and vanilla.

Cuttlebones are recommended for birds as a grooming aid to help keep their beak trimmed and as an additional source of calcium to help keep their bones strong. Additionally, birds that lay eggs—with or without a mate—can easily become calcium deficient, leading to other health problems. Cuttlebones provide an easy way to infuse calcium into their diet by either placing it in your bird's habitat or scraping it onto their normal food for faster consumption.

Typically birds will be curious and begin pecking at the cuttlebone on their own.