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Crested geckos were once thought to be extinct but were rediscovered in the early 1990s. Since their reintroduction to the greater public, they’ve become more and more popular as pets because of their attractive appearance and small stature. If you’re interested in becoming the parent of one of these terrific reptiles, Petco has the essentials you need to succeed when it comes to crested gecko care. As with other small reptiles, these low-maintenance creatures can make wonderful pets for the entire family.

FAQs About Crested Gecko Supplies

First, you’re going to need a proper crested gecko habitat—and Petco has plenty of great options. Since these lizards are arboreal reptiles—which means they love to climb—your crested gecko setup should include a tank with as much vertical space as you can accommodate in your home. You’ll also need to outfit your crested gecko tank with a fluorescent bulb to provide your reptile with 10 to 12 hours of light a day. We also carry a wide selection of cleaning supplies, décor and crested gecko hides that you can use to decorate the terrarium.

Your crested gecko will also need to be fed regularly. To learn more about crested gecko food, please read the section below.

Unlike other geckos found throughout the world, this specific species is an omnivore—meaning it eats plants and animals. You’ll want to feed your pet a well-balanced diet that’s full of calcium. A crested gecko eating diet lacking enough calcium can lead to metabolic bone disease. You can also find powdered calcium supplements that can be added to their regular food for added nutrition.

When it comes to mealtime, an offering of powdered commercial crested gecko food will typically do just fine. Treats can include a variety of insects—like crickets and mealworms. These should be given to your gecko 2 to 3 times a week in the evening. You can also use sweet baby foods like peaches and apricots as treat options.

It’s also essential that your gecko has access to fresh drinking water, in a shallow dish, at all times.

Substratum is used to line the bottom of your gecko habitat. Before you pick one for your reptilian friend, consider the ease of cleaning, safety and whether the specific crested gecko substrate you plan on using can retain humidity. We recommend starting with paper towels for your young lizard before moving onto something more substantial as they grow. When your pet matures, try sphagnum moss by itself or as a top layer over another substrate like coconut fiber.

The best crested gecko tank for you will often depend on how many geckos you have and how many supplies you’d like to put in their habitat. A 20-gallon, tall terrarium can be a good option for your new pet or pets. These active creatures often love to climb and move about their habitat. It’s recommended that you outfit your crested gecko habitat with all sorts of limbs and climbing apparatuses so they can exercise their natural instincts.