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Conure Treats

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Conure Treats

Although they should not exceed 10% of their total food intake, treats are a valuable part of your conure's balanced diet. Treats come in many different ingredients and flavors, including seed based, fruit based, vegetable based, or other tasty ingredients your feathered friend will love.

FAQs About Conure Treats

Treats for your conure may vary, some are fruit based, seed based, or made of other healthy ingredients! A variety of treats is always best to prevent boredom and to find what your bird truly enjoys best.

Treats are a great way to add variety to your bird's diet and may have the added benefit of extra vitamins and minerals. Some treats may encourage foraging behaviors and others are great for training and bonding with your feathered friend.

Cuttlebones and mineral cakes help keep your bird's beak trimmed, as well as provide supplemental calcium and minerals. Millet is a highly-palatable treat that is an excellent source of protein and carbohydrates as well as offers foraging activities.