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Conure Health & Grooming

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Conure Health & Grooming

A healthy conure will generally take care of the majority of grooming on their own, but a little extra help can go a long way in making sure your bird is looking and feeling their best. Trimming your bird's nails is helpful in preventing injury to the foot that can occur with overgrowth. A bird bath is enjoyed by most birds, and special sprays can help enhance your birds plumage and condition their skin.

Frequently Asked Questions About Conure Health & Grooming

Just like people, your conure may benefit from extra vitamins beyond what is in their standard diet. These supplements help ensure birds get all the nutrition they need and can enhance their plumage. An extra boost may be especially important in times of stress, molting, or environmental change.

Although a healthy bird will do much of its grooming itself, it will also benefit from some help from its pet parent. Safely trimming your conure's nails is important to help prevent injuries or sore feet caused by overgrown nails. Trimming a bird's wings should only be done by a vet or someone with experience, but doing this can help prevent escape and injury.

Perch cleaners can help remove stubborn, caked-on feces coupled with specialized, non-toxic formulas meant for cleaning bird habitats are ideal to prevent your bird from potentially being exposed to harmful chemicals. Even though your conure should be removed from their habitat during cleaning, some chemicals not meant for birds may remain on the habitat with an irritating smell to your bird or possibly a danger of your bird ingesting it.