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Cat Condos & Indoor Houses

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Cat Condos and Indoor Cat Houses

Cats are naturally curious and energetic pets. They often love to play, jump, scratch and test out their impressive acrobatic skills. Cat condos can give your pet a fun and engaging outlet for their energy, as well as a comfy pad to nap on once playtime is over.

Frequently Asked Questions

Petco offers a large selection of cat towers for every kind of feline household. Whether you’re looking for a kitty condo, a cat condo for large cats or something in between, you can find it online or at your neighborhood Petco Pet Care Center. Choose Curbside Pickup at checkout to save on your new cat condo.

Certain areas of your home make better locations for your indoor cat house than others.

  • Avoid noise Try to avoid putting your cat house in an overly noisy area, like the laundry room, where your cat may not feel comfortable spending a lot of time.
  • By a window Cats tend to seek out sunshine and may like watching the birds, so consider placing your condo next to a warm sunny window.
  • With the family Cats often delight in human company. Placing your cat condo in the rooms where your family gathers most often will help your feline feel like part of the family.
  • Connect it Cats and kitties usually love playing the “floor-is-lava” game, and they might appreciate opportunities to jump from one platform to another. Give them an extra fun challenge by placing your indoor cat house by furniture, shelving or bookcases so your cat can leap from one thing to another.

Cats possess many of their wild instincts, even as pets. Cat condos can help them release their pent-up energy and act out natural behaviors, like jumping and scratching, in an appropriate channel. Cat condos can be an excellent way to keep your cat stimulated and entertained, especially while you are away.

The best cat condo for your pet will largely depend on your budget, your available space and the personality of your cats. Here are a few options to consider:

  • Cat cubbies Some cats prefer to stay closer to the ground. A one-story cat house offers your cat a more sheltered place to relax that’s easier to access. 
  • Multi-level cat condos If your cat loves to leap, a multi-level cat condo can be an excellent “cat jungle gym” for your feline. Multiple platforms at different heights can give them a fun challenge. Many multi-level condos also include cubbies, cat hammocks and toys.
  • Cat condos with cat scratchers These condos usually include pillars made of material designed to invite scratching and/or incorporate scratch pads to help your cats shed the outer layer of their claws and mark their territory.
  • Outdoor cat houses Help give your outdoor cat a private place to relax. Outdoor cat houses can help keep your cat out of the sun and rain, and heated houses may offer a warm refuge during the colder months of the year.