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Cockatiel Health & Grooming

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Cockatiel Health and Grooming

Your bird will benefit from assistance with a cockatiel health and grooming regime. Good plumage starts from within—supplements and vitamins may enhance the quality of your bird's skin and feathers. Specialized bird bath sprays and nail clippers will polish up your bird's look and help them feel fresh and clean. Keeping your cockatiel’s habitat clean is important to help your bird be happy and healthy. Remove and secure your bird in a different area outside of the habitat to clean the cage. Using proper tools to remove any dander and feces, as well as bird-safe cleaners, can help ensure you are able to disinfect the habitat without exposing your bird to harmful chemicals.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cockatiel Health and Grooming

Your cockatiel may benefit from extra vitamins beyond what is in their standard diet. These supplements can help ensure birds get the nutrition they need. A supplemental boost may be especially important in times of stress, molting, or environmental change.

Although a healthy bird will do much of its grooming itself, it will also benefit from some help from its pet parent. Many birds appreciate having access to a bird bath, but specialized sprays may help enhance plumage and relieve minor skin irritations. Safely trimming your cockatiel's nails is also important to help prevent injuries or sore feet caused by overgrown nails.

Specialized, non-toxic formulas meant for cleaning bird habitats are ideal to protect your bird from potentially being exposed to harmful chemicals. Always remove and secure your bird from the habitat during cleaning. Chemicals not meant for birds may remain on the habitat with an irritating smell to your bird or possibly a danger of your bird ingesting it.