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Cockatiel Cages

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Cockatiel Cages

For a happy, healthy cockatiel companion, it is essential to house them in an appropriate habitat in regards to both dimensions and bar spacing to help prevent escape or injury. Providing your cockatiel with all of the essentials in their home will help make them feel comfortable in or out of their habitat.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cockatiel Cages

Always invest in the largest habitat possible for your cockatiel to allow room for multiple perches and toys, as well as enough space for them to be able to flap their wings to exercise. A habitat with the dimensions of 24" W x 24" D x 30" H is the minimium recommended bird cage size for one cockatiel.

Perches of various diameters allow birds to exercise their feet, increasing dexterity, and help prevent arthritis, atrophy and pressure sores. Furnishing your cockatiel's habitat with perches that have different textures, such as a concrete perch, can also help keep your cockatiel's nails trimmed.

Cockatiel habitats that contain a play top provide an area outside of their habitat for your cockatiel to stretch its wings. Spending time outside of their habitat helps prevent boredom and undesired behaviors – including feather plucking and screeching. Play tops also allow you to interact and socialize with your bird, giving them an opportunity to play and helps attend to their mental and social needs.

It is beneficial to allow your cockatiel time daily outside of its habitat to play, exercise and interact with you. This helps keep them mentally stimulated and prevents boredom which can cause undesired behaviors.

The best cockatiel habitat is one that is large enough to allow them to exercise their wings without hitting the sides and provides room for a variety of toys and perches of differing diameters and textures. The bird cage should be a minimum of 24"W x 24"D x 30"H for one cockatiel with bars spaced no more than 1/2" apart. Habitats with a playtop provide the added benefit of allowing your cockatiel to spend time outside of its habitat playing and exercising, providing for its physical and mental needs.