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Cichlid Plants & Decor

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Cichlid Plants and Décor

Cichlids are a family of freshwater fish widely distributed in tropical parts of the world and are very popular for aquariums. And larger cichlid species from Africa are popular aquarium fish as they eat algae, but they may also eat higher plants. So for your cichlid tank, you’ll want to choose cichlid-proof plants and décor.

FAQs About Cichlid Plants and Décor

You don’t necessarily need to put any decorations in your aquarium, but décor is highly recommended. Outfitting your tank with natural-looking décor creates a more inviting atmosphere for your fish will live in. Plus, it can enhance the overall look of your tank. It can help make your fish much more comfortable than if they were living in an empty habitat. Fish that live in a decorated tank are more likely to exhibit their natural behavior, have brightened coloration, spend more time outside of hiding and be more active.

You can decorate your tank in many different ways. At Petco, we have all sorts of fun and unique fish tank decorations that will transform your glass box into something beautiful. Create a natural underwater setting with a handful of colorful plants or go with cool-looking props, like sunken battleships and tiki heads.

Not only is it important to keep the fish tank itself clean using aquarium cleaning supplies, but to also keep the décor clean. Algae and other organisms can easily grow on stationary objects like décor, and dirty accessories can create all sorts of problems for your fish living in the aquarium.

The best and easiest way to clean the hideaways, treasure chests and faux plants is to remove them from the tank and scrub them with regular dish soap and water. You shouldn’t stop at just cleaning the decorations. Your fish tank needs to be cleaned regularly in order to give your fish the life they deserve. At Petco, we carry a wide variety of supplies that can help you keep your tank sparkling. From gravel vacuums and UV clarifiers to simple fishnets, we have what you need.

Many fish decorations are made from high-quality plastic, non-toxic, fish-safe materials, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not it’s suitable for your pets.