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Choosing Chinchilla Toys Your Pet Will Love

Chinchilla toys encourage playtime and help grow the bond you share with your small pet. Help your furry friend stay active and engaged by providing them with a bevy of toys and other cage accessories that provide hours of fun. There are certainly plenty of options to choose from; here, we’ll explore which toys are best suited for play with your chin chum.

Chew toys and sticks

Like other small pets, chinchillas have teeth that continue to grow their entire lives. They need something to gnaw on to help keep their teeth filed down, which is where chew toys and sticks come in handy. Wild chinchillas regularly munch on sticks and twigs for help trimming their teeth; chew toys made from untreated wood are a safe alternative that encourage their need to nibble while keeping their teeth clean and trim.

Exercise wheels and balls

It’s important to supply your fuzzy friend with toys that give them a good workout to keep them from getting bored in their cage. Chinchillas are very energetic pets, and they love a run around an exercise wheel as much as other small animals. These can easily be set up in their home, giving them ample opportunity to stretch their legs whenever they like.

They can also get their daily steps in with a special chinchilla ball. These oversized orbs are an excellent source of exercise for your pet that also encourage their inquisitive nature by letting them safely explore areas outside of their habitat, like your home or yard. Many small pet parents appreciate chinchilla exercise balls because they can help keep your pet occupied while you clean out their cage.

Tubes, tunnels, and other toys

Need more toys to keep your chinchilla playing? There are ladders, ledges, and bridges made just for your chin’s habitat. These multipurpose toys keep your pet active as they run and jump over them, are safe for chewing, and even give your little buddy some cover when they feel like hiding out for a bit. If you have more than one chin in a cage, they might even use these to play a game of hide and seek!

Small pet tubes and tunnels are another great way to encourage play and give them a place to hide. These can easily be attached to the walls of their home and connected together to give them hours of entertainment. Tunnel toys add an interesting twist to their cage, giving it a colorful funhouse look that is fun to watch them run through.

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