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Chinchilla Habitat Maintenance

Give your chinchilla a dust bath and keep their habitat clean with Petco’s cleanup and grooming supplies. Chinchillas are considered to have the softest fur in the world, and they need your help to keep it that way. All it requires is a good dust bath.

How often to clean a chinchilla cage

Your furry friend appreciates a clean living space as much as they enjoy having their coat dusted. Prepare to clean your chin’s habitat at least once a week, though there are daily maintenance duties you’ll want to see to as well. Refill your pet’s food and water supplies every day and remove any soiled bedding. Use a wipe or spray to spot clean wet spots on their cage walls to prevent the buildup of unwanted odors and keep their home smelling fresh.

A weekly habitat maintenance routine should involve washing out their food bowl and water bottle, disposing of waste from their litter tray, and placing a fresh layer of bedding in their cage. The dust they use for bathing should also be replaced once a week.

Finally, give their cage a deep cleaning at least once a month. This means removing every piece of furniture, all toys, and cage accessories, and giving them a thorough scrubbing with small pet cleaning products.

This may seem like a lot of cleaning on your part, but with a regular routine in place, tidying up their habitat takes about 15 minutes on average.

How to clean chinchilla fur?

It might sound strange, but the best way to keep your chin chum’s coat of fur clean is by bathing them in dust. Chinchilla dust works to protect your pet’s thick coat of fur by eliminating extra oils and moisture. They prefer to bathe a few times a week, so make sure to have fresh dust on hand for their grooming.

When it’s bath time, offer your chinchilla dust in a special container that is large and deep enough for them roll around and soak in. Place the bath in their cage for 10 to 20 minutes at a time and let them take care of business. Change the dust supply in their bath at least once a week to keep fresh. Be sure to use chinchilla dust bath products free of added chemicals. Never substitute with sand or types of soil, as they could be harmful to your pet’s skin and coat, and refrain from bathing your chin in water, as it is harmful to them.

Why can’t chinchillas get wet?

Your chin chum isn’t a big fan of getting their soft fur wet. Their coat is so dense that added moisture can cause health issues from failing to dry properly. It could also cause them to “fur slip” — a defense mechanism against predators that triggers the release of large patches of their fur.

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