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Keep Your Chickens Secure with Chicken Coops

If you’re going to add chickens to your family flock, it’s essential that you find a safe and secure chicken coop for them to live in.

Petco has a wide selection of chicken house styles, including walk-in coops, hinge roof houses, and large chicken pens. These top quality chicken coops provide ample living space for your birds to roost and live comfortably. You can also expand your flock's living space with chicken runs, or shop for houses that combine them in an innovative design. Providing your birds with plenty of space to live and roam safely within their chicken run is essential for their health and wellness.

Chicken coops provide your feathered friends with a safe, comfortable place to live. These chicken houses can range in size and complexity. Simple designs include living space and roosting bars while more complex styles can feature nesting boxes, multiple roosting bars, lift-up roof panels, removable trays and much more. A combination of wire grating and secure locks ensure that these chicken coops provide healthy ventilation as well as protection against predators and the outdoors.

Some chicken pens are designed with portability in mind while others can act as semi-permanent accessories to your flock's home.

Also be sure to check out our chicken essentials like food, accessories, and health care supplies to keep your pets well taken care of.

FAQs About Chicken Coops

While there is no “best” chicken coop, there are many options that can vary in size and style. Browse our selection of chicken coops online to find the best one for you.

You’ll want to keep a few things in mind when looking for a chicken coop. Roosting space, nesting boxes, space for wandering and playing, ventilation, and lighting are just a few necessities to look for in a chicken coop.

Right here! Petco offers a wide variety of chicken coops to help get you started.

The size of your chicken coop will vary in relation to the amount of chickens you plan on having. To learn more about everything your chickens need and what to look for when purchasing a chicken coop, browse our guide on keeping chickens.

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