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Cat Toy Boxes & Storage

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Cat Toy Boxes, Cat Pods & Baskets for Storage

It’s no secret that cats love to play. Though pet parents of felines recognize that even a simple cardboard box can offer hours of entertainment, cats also love toys that allow them to pounce, stalk, bat, run and more. Different toys serve different purposes, so your cat likely has a wide selection—from teasers and wands to interactive toys.

FAQs About Cat Toy Boxes

The optimal way to store cat toys is by designating a specific cat toy box. Save yourself from pulling toys in and out of drawers or cupboards. Tidying after playtime can be much easier when you can toss all the toys into one box. Invest in multiple sizes or types of cat toy storage—one for larger toys like long wands, one for smaller plushie toys and balls and one for catnip-filled or chew toys. Cat toy storage options can make excellent gift boxes when filled with other gifts for cat lovers.

It’s easy to store your pet’s favorite toys in a cat toy basket or cat toy box that can be tucked away on a shelf or in a corner. Pick a color, size or style that suits your décor and blends with your home furniture so you can keep your cat toy box in plain sight. A cat pod is a great piece for giving your cat a nesting spot during the day and an easy place to store toys. Or choose a cat toy organizer that is easily tucked away in a closet or designated cat area.

A cat pod is and a small haven where your cat can retreat. They come in many forms—like tripod nest-eggs or spherical fabric pods. Cat pods can also serve as a place to store extra toys when your cat’s not lounging. In the Hauspanther Collection by Primetime, you can find several cat pod options—including a tripod cat lounge pod in different heights and colors. These pods come with hairpin legs and a modern look that sets them apart from the average cat pod.

For homes with multiple cats with their own sets of toys, a personalized cat toy box can help keep things organized and tidy. They’re a cute way to let your pet know they’re special and taken care of. You can find personalized cat toy boxes at your neighborhood Petco Pet Care Center or online. If you’re looking for the right items to fill that cat toy basket, check out Finding the Best Cat Toys: A Buying Guide by Petco.