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cat bad breath freshener & breath mints | Petco

Keep your kitty kissable with Petco’s selection of cat breath fresheners.

No one should expect your pet’s mouth to smell a like floral bouquet, but your cat’s bad breath can keep you from nighttime snuggles and bonding more closely with your pet. If your four-legged family member doesn’t have any diagnosed medical issues, then a cat breath freshener or mints can be an ideal way to keep them close for cuddles.

Petco carries a variety of products to help keep feline fetor at bay. You’ll find toys to combat cat bad breath containing aromatic herbs that are just as fun as they are refreshing. Some of these toys do double duty as they also help clean your feline’s fangs while they chew. Others are edible cat breath mint toys so your kitty can bat away bad breath while they play.

If your furry family member isn’t taking to cat breath mints, then there are products that you can add to their water or food. These additives are an ideal way to keep your pet’s breath more appealing. You’ll also find foaming gels and washes that aid in cat breath freshening. Many of these gels and washes do double duty and help remove plaque and tartar which can lead to tooth decay and dental problems.

Pop into Petco and check out the supply of cat breath fresheners and mints to hack your kitty’s halitosis.