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cat grass: seeds & indoor grass for cats | Petco

Safely satisfy your kitty’s craving for greens with Petco’s selection of cat grass seeds and indoor grass for cats.

Although your kitty’ diet is mainly carnivorous, you may occasionally catch your cat nibbling on grass from time to time. While you might think your kitty is having digestion issues or becoming a vegetarian, it is, in fact, completely normal for your cat to graze on grass. Actually, brunching on blades of barley can help your feline flush out hairballs or other indigestibles. However, if you have an outdoor cat, the grass they are eating may be treated with pesticides or fertilizers, which could negatively affect their health. Additionally, your feline may ret to sneak a taste of your house plants, which could make them sick. Petco sells live cat grass products to give your kitty a nontoxic alternative to receiving their roughage.

Petco makes cultivating grass for cats easy for any feline aficionados. For those that want to get their garden growing right away, you’ll find live selections of wheat, oat, rye and barley varieties, so you can determine which green your feline gravitates toward. You’ll also find cat grass seeds allowing you to grow their greens in a container you most prefer. These packets produce the same thick and long lasting blades featured in live lawns. By following the included instructions these cat grass seeds can provide your kitty with a sustainable and affordable way to support your pet’s health and comfort.

It’s easy growing green for your feline with Petco’s wide variety of seeds and indoor grass for cats.