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cat repellent & deterrent spray | Petco

Shop Petco’s cat repellent and deterrent products to help your felines feel at home while keeping them safe. Kitties are naturally curious, and as part of their exploration, they’ll mark, chew and scratch their surroundings. These natural behaviors can often result in trouble for both pet and owner, especially if the cat discovers off limits items around the home. That’s where cat deterrent and repellent sprays come in handy. The difference between them is that deterrents help stop unwanted behavior, while cat repellents keep them away from the designated area. These products feature safe, gentle and effective ingredients, so you can communicate without punishing them as they learn house rules.

You always want your kitty to feel comfortable in your home, but you probably don’t want them clawing or marking it up either. Cat deterrents can be a great way to train your feline to respect certain areas. Some cat deterrent sprays use unpleasant tastes like bitter apple to keep your pet from chewing on cables, furniture and plants that may be dangerous to their health. These sprays can also be partnered with cat attractants to help guide your pet as they learn where they can and cannot scratch.

Cat repellents send a stronger signal to your furry friend that they should avoid an area. Besides parts of your home that you want your kitty to avoid there may be outdoor areas that are also off-limits. Spray cat repellents around your garden or ornamental plants that you want your pet and other felines to steer clear of. There are even products with sensors, so your kitty’s motion can activate the cat repellent spray, even if you aren’t there to witness their bad behavior.

Keep your kitty in check with a Petco’s wide-range of cat deterrents and repellents.