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Cat toys. Give them an outlet for their predatory instinct with toys that help them stay active and entertained.

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Cat Toys Provide Fun and Stimulation for Your Feline Friend

Besides being a lot of fun for both pet and parent, playtime is essential to the happiness of cats and kittens. Interactive cat toys can help support the love you have for your favorite feline friend.

Frequently Asked Questions

While there is no “best” toy option, there are certainly fan favorites. Teasers, balls, mice, catnip-filled toys, tunnels, and puzzles are just a few. Cats generally enjoy a variety of toy options.

Cats have two types of play, object play and social play. Object play can be predatory in nature and your cat will stalk their toys. Social play can be a bit more rambunctious and your cats may start to wrestle with each other.

Some toys look like prey and can stimulate predatory instincts. After your cat hunts their toy down they may bring you the kill.