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Cat Scratchers

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Cat Scratchers

Shop Petco for some of the coolest cat scratchers around. We have many varieties, and our cat scratchers and climbers are made of materials like rope, carpet and cardboard to give your kitty a satisfying place to sharpen their claws. Some of our cat scratching posts are even infused with catnip—making it hard for your feline to resist.   

FAQs About Dogs Cat Scratchers

Cats have the natural urge to scratch for a few reasons. It’s a good way for them to file their nails and keep them tidy. Cats also have scent glands in their paws, so scratching is a way for them to mark an area. Scratching is a habit they indulge in when they get excited or want to communicate. They may scratch as a greeting or as a reminder that dinnertime was 5 minutes ago.  

Scratching can help cats burn off excess energy and aids in their well-being. Your cat will find something to scratch whether you have a post or not—so it’s best to give them a designated place with satisfying materials, like cat scratchers or towers. If not, they may pick your walls or your furniture. 

Some cats may enjoy having a toy to nibble on. If you notice your cat gnawing on undesirable items like cords, pick them up some cat chew toys. Most cats love to have toys to throw and chase. Plush fish toys for cats or mice plush toys may trigger the hunter’s instinct in your curious feline.  

Kittens may need something to nibble while their teeth are growing in. Kitten teething toys can be a great option to help soothe kittens and help with gum soreness.  

One major benefit of cardboard is that your cat is less likely to get their nails stuck in it. Sometimes the thick material of rope or carpet can get snagged. A good idea is to get a couple different cat scratchers made out of different materials so your cat can have their pick. Cat furniture and scratchers like our cardboard couch cat scratcher doubles as a bed and a place to indulge in scratching.