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Non-Tracking Cat Litter

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Non-Tracking Cat Litter

Cats are known for being tidy, but their litter can make a mess. That’s why some pet parents opt for non-tracking litter that’s formulated to stay in the box while being gentle on paws and helping to control odor.

FAQs About Non-Tracking Cat Litter

When cats exit the litter box, litter can stick to paws and get tracked throughout the home. Non-tracking litter is formulated to stay (mostly) in the box while being soft on paws.

Using non-tracking cat litter in the box and a litter mat, lowers the chances of tracking.

While it’s impossible to prevent tracking altogether , non-tracking cat litter can be pretty effective. Since it’s formulated to not stick to your cat’s paws, it can result in less debris being tracked through your home.