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Lightweight Cat Litter

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Lightweight Cat Litter

Lifting a container of regular cat litter can replace arm day at the gym. Litter is notoriously heavy and can be cumbersome to get home from the store. If this sounds familiar, consider choosing lightweight cat litter for the solution. For many pet parents, lightweight options are the best cat litter for their needs.

FAQ About Lightweight Cat Litter

Lightweight cat litter is typically made from clay, just like traditional litter. The primary difference is that lightweight litter blends clay with less dense substances like perlite. The resulting combination can be up to 50% lighter than traditional clay litter.

Not only is light cat litter easier to lift and distribute to a litter box, but it makes cat cleaning and waste disposal much less daunting. When you change out your entire litter supply periodically, the bag of dirty litter will be lighter.

While lightweight litter is very convenient in many ways, it may also track more. The lower weight makes it easier for the litter to stick to your cat’s little paws. Thankfully, with the right cat litter box supplies—like cat litter box mats—you can solve this problem and prevent the mess from spreading.

There are dust-free cat litter options that are also lightweight. Dust-free or low dust litter is often produced using materials other than clay, including plant materials. Some crystal litters are also dust-free. Clay litter that is low dust often has a tighter clump that stops dust from leaving the litter box.

Yes, you can find a lightweight litter that clumps when your cat goes to the bathroom. Clumping makes it easier to scoop a dirty litter box and may also reduce dust. Clumping litter can often lock in odor to keep your litter from stinking up the room—even without using a scented clay or crystal.

Light litter should still be scooped daily. You can get rid of big clumps and feces with a regular scooper and pet waste bags. Every several weeks you will want to dump all of the litter out and refresh it with brand new litter and a new liner. If you have multiple cats using the same litter box, you may need to change your lightweight litter more often than that.

Pet parents don’t have to do too much in terms of cat grooming and bathing. Most cats will bathe themselves and clean up any litter or urine from themselves. Some cats, including senior pets, may need help. In addition to considering professional grooming for your cat, keeping a super tidy litter box helps them stay clean at all times.