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Cat Litter Scoops

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Cat Litter Scoops

Cat parents will want to have the right tools to make cleaning up after their pet quicker and easier—and that includes finding the best cat litter scoop for the type of cat litter box and pans you have.

FAQs About Cat Litter Scoops

Ideally, it’s best to scoop feces from your cat’s litter box once or twice daily. Don’t let your cat’s poop sit for more than a day to help reduce odor and bacteria in your home.

Some self-cleaning litter boxes have sensors that let you know when your cat has used the litter box, which may be helpful to some pet parents to reduce scooping duties.

Take your cat litter scoop by the handle, scoop out droppings and clumps at least once a day, dispose of the waste into a sealed bag and put it out into the trash. Be sure to place it in an outdoor trash receptacle with a secure lid to prevent provoking the curiosity of wild animals. After each use, wash the litter scoop and store it in a plastic bag or a litter scoop hook.

The best cat litter scoop for you will be one that is most suited to your cat’s litter box, type of litter and your preferences. At Petco, we have a variety of litter scoops to choose from, including metal cat litter scoops, heavy-duty cat litter scoops and other types that can fit your needs. Some have comfortable, ergonomic handles with extra grip. Some are designed to be lightweight for easy handling, while others are heavy-duty for more power and maneuvering. Still, others are extra wide for larger litter boxes and multi-cat households. You might also like the cat litter scoops that come with covers or holders to store the scoop after use and can help prevent the spread of bacteria.