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covered cat litter boxes

Keep your pet’s business their business with covered cat litter boxes at Petco. In addition to sparing your family from having to watch your pet eliminate, a covered litter box can also help trap odors and keep them from spreading beyond to box. Pet parents with excessive diggers can also find that a covered cat litter box can also contain the mess.

If you’re used to an uncovered litter box, you’ll find that adding a hood can require more frequent clean ups because they concentrate odors within, so you may want to get a model with added ventilation. To keep your pet from eliminating outside the pan, simply remember to clean your covered litter box often, so it’s fresh, attractive and safe for your cat’s use. After you’re done cleaning your pet’s covered litter box, remember to securely fasten the hood to keep it from accidentally falling off during use.

Busy or forgetful pet parents may find that self-cleaning covered litter boxes are a better fit for their home. These covered cat litter boxes can sometimes include features like antibacterial surfaces, self flushing systems, and self-sifting pans. Since you don’t have to bend over as often to maintain their freshness, covered litter boxes may also reduce the strain on your back.

Small homes with few hiding spaces can also use covered litter boxes which double as night tables or look like plant décor. If your dogs or kids seem especially intrigued by the sand or smells of your cat’s pan, you can reduce their interest or access with a top entry covered litter box. Shop for covered cat litter boxes at Petco and find the perfect style for your pet and family.