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Cat Vitamins

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Cat Vitamins and Supplements

Vitamin supplements for cats can be an excellent solution to help ensure your feline is getting all of their recommended nutrients. Petco has a great selection—ranging from the standard cat multivitamin to treating specific ailments, like hairball relief.

FAQ’S About Cat Vitamins and Supplements

For the most part, felines get most of the vitamins and minerals needed with their daily cat food intake. However, there are instances where adult cat vitamin supplements may be required.  


  • Illness or a diagnosed deficiency Certain health issues may require supplementing your pet’s diet with extra nutrients. Sometimes older felines need an extra boost of vitamins, as well.  
  • You feed your cat homemade meals If you prefer to make homemade meals for your cat instead of store-bought, you may want to talk to your vet about extra nutrients that should be added or one of the best multivitamins for cats who eat homemade cat food.   
  • Anxiety Homeopathic supplements may help calm your pet.  
  • Allergies Antioxidant and omega blends in some cat vitamins may provide immune support, which can lessen environmental allergy symptoms.  
  • Joint wellness Supplements that contain glucosamine and chondroitin may be beneficial for your cat’s joints and cartilage.   
  • Skin and coat Fish oils may help moisturize dry skin and make your cat’s fur silky and smooth.  
  • Frequent stomach issuesProbiotics can help supplement good bacteria in your feline’s gut and help relieve recurring stomach upsets.  


Cats are typically very smart about masking signs of pain and discomfort, so as a pet parent, you should be vigilant. If you’re curious about how to spot potential red flags concerning your pet’s wellness, check out the Signs of a Healthy Cat.  

You only want to give your feline cat vitamin and mineral supplements. Vitamins that are made for humans or other pets may contain ingredients that are toxic to cats. You should also always consult your veterinarian regarding vitamins because giving them too much of these beneficial nutrients is possible.

If your pet ever consumes vitamins, supplements, or medication designed for humans, contact pet poison control or consult your veterinarian immediately. Make sure you bring the bottle with you to your vet, so they know what your pet has ingested. It’s highly recommended that you keep anything other than cat vitamin and mineral supplements sealed and away from felines.  

Shop your neighborhood Petco Pet Care Center or online for all of your cat health and wellness needs. Many of your pet solutions are eligible for Same-Day Delivery or In-Store Pickup. To learn more on how to take care of your pet, check out our Complete Cat Care Guide From Head to Tail.

Whether you’re looking for cat food for constipation or diarrhea, or your veterinarian has recommended a dietary change, high fiber cat food may be the solution. Foods that carry ingredients like certain vegetables, grains and wheat can be higher in fiber. Some cat food is tailor-made to have added fiber through beet pulp and other ingredients that can have beneficial effects like hairball reduction and constipation or diarrhea relief.

Learn more about how to care for your cat, including feeding tips in our Cat Care Guide.