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Cat Pill Pockets

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Cat Pill Pockets

Most cats aren’t exactly overjoyed at the idea of swallowing pills. To help make the task a little easier, you can sneak their meds or supplements into pill pocket treats for cats. These tasty cat treats are designed to enclose and hide pills, supplements and vitamins. Petco offers a variety of pill pockets for cats, including pill pockets in mouth-watering flavors like salmon, tuna and cheese.

FAQs About Pill Pockets for Cats

Does your cat come running whenever you open the pizza box or lay a slice of Swiss on your turkey sandwich? Most cats can have cheese in small amounts. In fact, cheese cat treats can make an excellent vehicle for giving your cat pills or vitamins. Just make sure to offer cheese to your kitty in moderation. Despite the well-known stereotypes of cats happily lapping milk, many cats have trouble digesting dairy products. A number of cats are lactose intolerant or have milk allergies. When feeding cheese cat treats to your feline for the first time, observe them afterward to make sure they don’t exhibit any allergic reactions, such as vomiting, diarrhea, gas, fur loss or itching. And always consult your veterinarian before adding new food to your cat’s diet.

You can find pill pockets cat treats at your neighborhood Petco Pet Care Center or online. At Petco, you’ll find pill pockets in a range of flavors, so you can choose the treat your cat won’t be able to resist. When you buy online, you can have your order shipped to your nearest store for fast pickup or dropped off right at your home. With two easy ways to shop, you’ll never run out of pill pockets, so your kitty will always get the medicine they need to thrive.

Pill pockets can work for many cats, especially if you find a pill pocket with a flavor your cat can’t resist. If your cat isn’t interested in a pill pocket, try different flavors, like freeze-dried chicken cat treats, salmon cat treats or tuna cat treats. Some cats that chew their food a lot may eventually get wise to the pill. Make sure to watch your feline after they eat the treat to make sure they don’t spit out the pill.

One of the biggest benefits of pill pocket treats for cats is how easy they are to use. As the name implies, the treat will include a pocket. Simply put the pill, vitamin or supplement in the pocket and then press the sides together to seal the pocket. Next, feed the treat to your excited kitty, and you’re done. Most cats will happily gobble up the cat treats, pill and all.