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FURminator Cat Shed Control Cloths

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FURminator Hairball Prevention Waterless Cat Spray

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cat deshedder: stop, reduce & prevent cat shedding | Petco

Shop Petco’s cat deshedder aids to help reduce and prevent your feline’s fur from flocking to every surface of your home.

Keeping your kitty groomed is an essential part of loving and bonding with our pets as is keeping your home free of fur balls. You may find that outdoor felines will go through seasonal hair blow outs, while indoor kitties may lose their hair consistently. However, a tidy home isn’t the only reason to use cat deshedder aids. These products can help stop your cat’s shedding from forming into hairballs, which could lead to intestinal issues.

While you can’t stop a cat shedding, you can take steps to lessen their fur from covering your couches. Using a throw or blanket on your furniture can also help stop your cat’s shedding from collecting on the fabric. Besides ensuring they have a healthy diet, brushing your cat regularly can help prevent them from shedding too much. If your frisky feline fears a brushing, or finds a pet vacuum too noisy, then cat deshedder control cloths can be an ideal alternative. These products allow you to reduce cat shedding by gently collecting excess hair as you wipe down your feline. Moreover, you can reuse these wipes multiple times, as well as use them on your furniture or any other surface that seems to be a stopover for runaway fur.

Come to Petco for cat deshedder products to help keep your home and your pet well-kept.