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Cat Nail Clippers & Scissors

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      Cat Nail Clippers

      Clipping your cat’s nails can be tricky. You only have seconds before they begin plotting their escape. You must move fast—and you need the proper tools. Petco has you covered.

      FAQs About Cat Nail Clippers

      That depends. If you allow your cat to go outside, using cat claw clippers and shortening the nail might not be a good idea. Cats use their claws to climb, and for defense—if they’re outdoor cats they most likely are active, which means the upkeep of their claws is taken care of naturally from climbing.

      If your cat stays indoors, they may benefit if you use cat nail clippers to tidy them up. If you don’t, they can either grow and curve into their paws, or your cat may try to take care of the problem by shredding your walls and furniture.

      • First call the cat up into your lap. Stroke them and talk to them softly until they’re relaxed.
      • Gently pick up your cat’s paw and hold it up to the light. There’s a vein that is pink in your cat’s claws—make sure you avoid clipping the nail down that far. It’s a good idea to have cat styptic powder on-hand to stop any potential bleeding.
      • ● Gently use the nail trimmer for cats on the first claw. If your cat is comfortable with the situation, keep going. As soon as your cat gets upset or tries to get away, let them go. Repeat every day until all their nails are trimmed.

      Some of the best cat claw clippers are guillotine cat nail clippers. How to use the cat nail clippers is simple—stick their claw into a hole that has a sharp blade. You squeeze the handles together and it lops the top of the nail off.

      Another one of the best cat nail trimmers doesn’t have a blade at all. A cat nail grinder is a mechanical file that whittles the nail down. The only downside is the noise. It may frighten your cat.

      You can use kitten nail clippers on kittens starting at 4 weeks. If you start this practice when they’re young, it may make it easier when they're full grown.

      It’s best to use clippers specially designed to clip claws. That area is very delicate, and if you nick the vein, it can be very painful for your kitty.

      Shop Petco for all your cat grooming tools. You’ll find solutions for their nails and coat and for cat hair removal and shed control.