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Your kitty’s claws can scratch flooring, damage furniture or even cause injury to members of your household. Cat claw caps can help avoid this damage in an effective and humane way. Cat nail caps can be placed on front and back claws and give your pet the use of their claws without the sharp edge.

FAQs About Cat Grooming Supplies

When placed correctly, cat nail covers are designed not to hurt your cat. The caps themselves sit over the nail and allow your feline to retract and extend their claws as usual. Cat claw caps may initially feel odd to your cat, but most cats quickly grow used to them.

Placing claw caps on your cat may seem a little daunting at first, but with practice, it can be a simple process. It’s a good idea to work with your cat so that they become used to you touching their nails. To begin, you’ll want to hold your cat securely throughout the process. If your cat tries to escape, you can wrap them in a blanket with one paw sticking out at a time. You may want to recruit a second person to help with the process, especially during your first couple of times.

Start the process by clipping your cat’s nails while making sure not to cut into the quick—the pink part near the nail bed. Next, cut the tip from the glue bottle to open. Pour one or two drops of glue into a cat cap and press the cap together to spread the glue inside. The glue works like superglue, so you’ll need to work quickly before it dries. Use your thumb and forefinger to press lightly on your cat’s paw to extend their nails. Place the cap over the claw. Repeat this process for the rest of the caps.

Don’t let your cat go just yet. Check the directions on the packaging. Most cat claw covers take a few minutes to dry, so you may need to hold your cat for several minutes. If your cat seems anxious during this process, you may want to try cat calming aids to make the process less stressful. Once the cat claw covers are in place, they should last several weeks.

Cat nail caps are designed to fall off naturally after a few weeks. However, sometimes they can stubbornly cling on even after your cat’s nails have grown. To remove cat claw caps, securely hold your cat. You may need to wrap them in a towel if they seem agitated. Use your thumb and forefinger to gently press on your cat’s paw to extend their nails. Using cat nail trimmers, cut the tip of your cat’s nail. Don’t cut too far. Since you can’t see the nail through the cap, you don’t want to cut into the quick of the nail.

After cutting off the tip of the cap, gently squeeze and flex the remaining cap to loosen it and then carefully peel it from your cat’s nail. If you want to reward your kitty for all their patience, consider buying them cat treats or interactive and electronic cat toys from Petco.