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Cat Deodorizers

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Cat Deodorizers

No matter how much you love cuddling with your cat, it can be hard to get close when they drag in a smell that makes your nose wrinkle. That’s where cat perfume comes in handy. If frequently bathing your feline is a struggle for both of you, reach for the cat perfume bottle to extend snuggle time between washes. Petco’s deodorizing cat wipes, cat colognes, deodorants for pets and deodorizing spray for cat fur can help you get up close and personal with your kitty again.

FAQs About Cat Deodorizers

All the fur that makes your cat so cute can also sweep up bad smells. If you notice that your kitty is emitting a scent that’s not so cute, take some of these steps to combat the stink:

  • Check for health issues Some medical issues can increase the chances that your cat emits a stink. Skin infections or issues affecting the bowels, for instance, increase the odds that you’ll want to break out the cat perfume. Check with your vet to see if a medical condition could be behind your cat’s smell.
  • Address poor grooming Cats usually clean themselves meticulously, but some kitties don’t seem concerned with personal grooming. Petco’s cat bathing supplies—and an increase in the number of baths you give your cat—may be the first step before using a cat deodorizer.
  • Monitor outdoor cats If your cat spends a lot of the day outside, they may be bringing in funky smells from the great outdoors. Skunks, dirt, feces or carcasses of other animals—there are all kinds of stink bombs your cat might run into outdoors. Keeping track of where your cat hangs out could help you determine the source of the smell. Cat deodorizing wipes and sprays can help eliminate whatever weird scent your cat drags in.
  • Clean the litter box Many times, the litter box is the culprit when it comes to an odorous cat. Make sure you’re cleaning cat waste out of the litterbox every day and replacing the litter entirely every week—perhaps more often if your cat has an odor issue.
  • And whatever is making your cat stinky, cat deodorizers or cologne drops for pets can be a quick and easy way to freshen up your cat.

    While nothing can take the place of a full bath with cat shampoo and conditioners, waterless cat shampoo can be a great short-term solution for dealing with a smelly cat. The way you apply depends on the formula. Foam should be rubbed into your cat’s fur in a direction against the hair growth, while powders can be sprinkled on and brushed into your cat’s fur. Spray-on shampoos can simply be spritzed directly onto your cat’s fur.

    It’s much safer to clean your cat’s ears with multi-purpose cat wipes than with cotton swabs, which can poke your cat’s eardrum or push discharge and debris further into your cat’s ear canal. Just make sure that you dry your cat’s ears out with clean gauze or a cotton ball after cleaning, as excess moisture can lead to irritation and infection.

    You should avoid using substances like cat perfume and dander-reducing cat spray on very young kittens. However, if your kitten is over the age of 8 weeks, suitable dander reducing spray may be a good option.