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Cat Bathing Supplies

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Cat Grooming Supplies

Cats are great at grooming themselves, but even these self-cleaning animals require grooming and care. And pet parents need to have the right supplies. Petco’s cat grooming supplies give you the tools and solutions you need to keep your cat’s coat and claws in good condition.

FAQs About Cat Grooming Supplies

Cat nail clippers are among the indispensable cat grooming supplies a pet parent should never be without. Though important, these cat grooming tools can take some getting used to—for cats and their pet parents alike. Start by getting your cat comfortable with having their paws and claws touched before it’s time to clip their nails. When it’s time to trim the claws, hold the clippers in your dominant hand and your cat’s paw in your non-dominant hand. Gently press the paw or toes to extend the nails and clip each claw in succession. It’s better to leave the nails a little too long than risk nicking the sensitive quick in your cat’s claws. If you accidentally cut the quick, it’s a good idea to have some styptic powder for cats on hand to stop any bleeding and consult your veterinarian. Practice makes perfect, and the more you clip your cat’s claws, the easier it will become.

Flea combs are just one of many cat flea and tick treatments available at Petco. Browse your neighborhood Petco Pet Care Center or shop online to find a flea comb for cats. While you’re there, you’ll find other flea preventive and treatment options, from topical ointments to oral medications and specially treated collars. If your cat is already at the mercy of an itchy infestation, pick up some cat bathing supplies to go along with your comb and attack the problem on all fronts.

Consult your veterinarian on the best next steps if your kitten has fleas. Kittens have very sensitive skin and not all solutions designed for adult cats will be appropriate for your young kitty.

The combination of a kitten comb and soapy water might be the best cat grooming supplies for flea-covered kitties. To avoid scaring your kitten, make brushing a regular part of your routine together. When it’s time to fight fleas, skip the more intense chemicals recommended for adult cats and check for fleas with a comb. Remove whatever fleas and flea dirt you can with the comb, then give your kitten a wash with mild soapy water. Conversely, you could try dipping your flea comb in soapy water and using it to brush fleas out of your kitten’s fur, re-dipping the comb between brush strokes to kill fleas. Either way, rinse your kitten clean of soap when you’re done, so their skin doesn’t get itchy. And reward your patient kitty with some cat toys after the task is completed.

When it comes to pet pain relief for cats, stay away from benzocaine. Though safe and effective for humans, benzocaine for cats is poisonous. Benzocaine is a topical anesthetic found in many first aid gels and creams for humans. There are plenty of pet first aid kits for sale that include antiseptics, bandages and cat cleaners and wipes to treat superficial wounds, or you can create one of your own using cat grooming supplies and cat-safe topical treatments. However, pet pain relief for cats should only be administered under the supervision of a veterinarian, as many pain relief treatments made for humans are dangerous for cats.