Cat Scratching Posts

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Cat Scratching Posts

Cats love to scratch; there's no doubt about it. Help them satisfy that need with a scratching post. A sturdy post gives your cat an appropriate object to dig their claws into and helps with cat nail maintenance as scratching helps shed the nails’ outer layer.

FAQs About Cat Scratching Posts

You’ll know it’s time to replace your cat scratcher when it starts looking worn out. Consider bringing home a new, similar scratcher and placing it next to the old one to make the transition easier for your cat.

It should be sturdy enough to not get knocked over and tall enough for your cat to attain full height when stretching. The taller the post, the greater chance your cat will prefer it to a piece of your furniture or other home décor item.

They may not like the material. Your cat might prefer cardboard to sisal or another material, or vice versa. Whatever construction you choose, look for material that is taught and firm enough that claws won’t get stuck. Also remember that a sprinkle or spray of catnip can make an ignored scratching post more attractive to your cat.

Since cats like to lean into a good stretch and really dig in their claws when scratching, a good cat scratching post is sturdy, stays in place and has a rough surface. Check out our article on best-selling cat scratching posts to learn more.

Yes, cats have a natural instinct to scratch, and scratching posts give them an appropriate alternative to furniture and carpet.