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Cat Food

Providing your cat with a balanced diet is vital to their overall health and wellness. Because every cat has different needs and preferences, their food is available in many different textures, ingredients and flavors. So, how do you find the best cat food? Although there are several different types of cat food available, the most popular choices tend to be dry or wet cat food. While each type will provide your cat with a nutritious diet, one option may outshine the others for your pet's specific needs. The best way to decide is to consider your lifestyle, consult your veterinarian, and check out reviews and ratings.

FAQs About Cat Food

All cats will require a different amount of food depending on their breed, size, age, health considerations and lifestyle. Talk to your veterinarian and read your cat food label to determine how much and how often to feed your cat.

Cat foods tend to be higher in meat-based proteins than dog food, which is why your dog might love cat food. If your dog is eating cat food on a regular basis, complications can arise as it does not hold the same nutritional values as dog food.

Consult with a veterinarian to determine your cat’s nutritional needs. A whole can of wet food may be too much for your cat in one sitting and, if fed one can at each meal, can lead to complications such as obesity.

Cats should be eating twice daily. If your cat hasn't eaten in over a day, contact your veterinarian to see if there's an underlying issue.