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Flea and Tick Treatment for Cats

Be sure to consult with your veterinarian and thoroughly read the manufacturer's guidelines before choosing flea and tick treatment, preventives and/or home/yard care products. If your veterinarian determines that prescription intervention is needed, Petco carries that.

FAQs About Flea & Tick Treatments

The best flea and tick medication varies from cat to cat based on their daily activities, health status and more. Discuss treatment with your veterinarian to determine your best option.

Flea and tick medications come in many different forms. Learn how flea treatments work and which option might be the best match for your cat. Always discuss treatment with your veterinarian, who can provide advice based on your cat's age and health status.

Some treatments may have side effects. Discuss these side effects and treatments with a veterinarian who can provide additional guidance based on your pet’s needs.

Petco offers plenty of oral flea and tick medication options. Be sure to discuss medication and treatment with your veterinarian, as they can offer advice based on your cat’s age and health status.

Protecting your pet from fleas should be a top goal for cat parents. Flea infestations that go untreated can be burdensome and make your cat extremely ill. Discuss your cat’s options with your veterinarian.