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These oral treatments travel through your pet’s bloodstream to quickly kill fleas & ticks on their skin.

An efficient way to kill fleas & ticks.


Cat Flea Pills & Chewables

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Cat Flea Pills, Tablets and Chewables

Keeping your cat happy and comfortable is a top priority. And when your favorite feline attracts fleas, flea pills and tablets can be the perfect solution. At Petco, we carry some of the best flea pills for cats with fast-acting ingredients.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cat Flea Pills, Tablets and Chewables

Your neighborhood Petco Pet Care Center has the treatments and flea pills for cats you might need—from chewables, collars and even home and yard sprays. Stay stocked up and save with Repeat Delivery orders at

The best flea pills for cats differ depending on a few factors. Consider the pests and parasites in your area and your cat’s specific needs. You may need something stronger, like prescription flea pills for cats or fast-acting over-the-counter options.

Oral flea treatment for cats comes in pill and chewable forms and is an ingestible alternative to topical treatments. Cat flea pills work quickly, starting in as little as 30 minutes.

Flea pills are considered to be an appropriate and effective treatment when used as directed. Make sure to read the label carefully and consult a veterinarian before use.

If your cat is water-averse, consider using a topical treatment, cat flea chewables or other oral solutions.