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Flea & Tick Powder for Cats & Kittens | Cat Flea Powder | Petco

Sprinkle around some safeguards against these pint-sized parasites with Petco’s selection of flea and tick powders for cats and kittens.

As much as we like to cozy up with our kitty, when they are scratching repeatedly it’s a sure sign that they may be infested with irritating insects. Besides washing them with a specialized shampoo and protecting them with either a collar, drops or pills, cat flea powder can be an effective deterrent in the battle against these biting bugs. If your kitty is infested with fleas, you’ll also need to treat your home to mitigate these miniature menaces from re-infestation. You’ll find that Petco carries flea powder that is not only treatment for your cats, but also for helping rid your home of these parasitic problems.

Besides the undue stress and irritation these bugs cause, it’s important to quickly take care of them as they may carry diseases which can cause health issue for both, you and your pet. While there are many products for your cat that can help combat fleas, powder is useful in not only treating your pet, but also the upholstery in your home. You’ll find flea powder for cats that can be used not only on your feline family member, but on your pet’s bedding and your home's upholstery as well. Additionally, you’ll find flea powder formulated to safe in treating kittens so your cute kitty can still get much need protection from these pests.

Be sure to consult your veterinarian for the best ways to protect your purring pets from these prevalent parasites, and come to Petco for flea and tick powder that is safe for your cat or kitten.