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Cat Gates

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Cat Gates

Cat-proofing your home can be difficult when you have energetic pets in the house—especially when you have a pet as curious and agile as a cat. The thought of using a cat gate or door to keep your feline from going anywhere may sound far-fetched. When used correctly, gates can be an effective deterrent for your cat. They can also be useful for pet parents in multi-pet households who want to use a dog gate with a cat door to keep a dog from exploring sensitive areas while their cat roams freely.

FAQs About Cat Gates

A pet gate with a cat door can be a great solution for keeping felines out of rooms without doors. Not only can you keep your cat out of the room when you like, but the small door allows your feline access when it’s safe or convenient for them to enter.

Cat gates can be effective in helping keep your kitty out of certain areas in your home. For some pets, simply having a gate in place can be enough to show them that they shouldn’t enter that area of your home. Others want to investigate these forbidden areas and can be content if they can see what’s in the room. However—depending on the athleticism of your cat—you may need to take extra steps to increase the efficiency of your cat gate. Tall gates can be a good choice for felines who can jump high, and gates with smooth, spaced bars can help block pets prone to climbing.

There is a good chance that you’ll be able to find a gate with a cat door that can deter your kitty. However, some pet parents live with felines who see a gate as a challenge. In these cases, you can increase the efficiency of your cat gate by spraying a natural cat deterrent on the gate. Since cats dislike rough textures on their paws, you can also place sandpaper in front of the gate to discourage them from climbing on it.

The answer to this will greatly depend on how high your cat can jump. Some tall cat gates can measure almost 40-inches high, which can be taller than the vertical leap of some pets. If your cat is a skilled leaper, many gates can be fixed with height extensions, making them even more challenging to jump over. However, if you can use a cat gate for stairs, the added challenge of trying to jump up the stairs can be enough to deter many felines.