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Carriers and Kennels for Cats and Kittens

Whether you’re driving a short distance to the veterinarian or embarking on a cross country move with your feline, cat carriers and kennels offer a secure travel option while helping to ease the stress of transporting your feline friend.

FAQs about Cat Carriers, Crates & Kennels

When it comes to car travel with your cat, an appropriately-sized carrier is your best bet. If your cat is anxious about car travel, an anxiety-relief product, like pheromones, may help soothe them, but you’ll want to work with your veterinarian to determine the right course of action.

That depends on your kitty’s personality, and whether they’re feeling more curious or anxious on any given day. It’s a good idea to keep the carrier out in the open rather than hiding it away, so that your cat gets used to it and it smells familiar.

As a cat parent, you know that no two kitties are alike. Some cats enjoy the great outdoors, while others don’t. If your cat is the curious type, a stroller might be a great and secure way for them to travel short distances.