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Cat ID Tags

Are you the proud parent of a furry feline? Get some peace of mind with a cat ID tag. Even the savviest indoor kitties can accidentally find their way outside, and an ID tag is one way to get them home safely and quickly. The most common type of cat identification is a name tag attached to their collar. It makes for an obvious sign your kitty has a pet parent who will be missing them. Microchipping is an important step in the responsible pet parent checklist too, but an ID collar is the easiest way for someone to get in touch with you without having to go to the veterinarian first.

When you’re preparing to adopt a new cat, a collar tag is one of the most important things you should have. Whether you choose brushed chrome, gold, or a bright color—it’s what’s on the ID that counts. Include your kitty’s name and your current phone number. Do an occasional check to ensure it’s accurate and legible. You can easily attach the ID tag to your kitty’s new collar. Wearing a collar and ID tag is especially important whenever you travel with your cat, including trips to the veterinarian. For a totally stress-free travel experience, check out our cat harnesses and leashes too.

FAQs about Cat ID Tags

Your cat’s name tag should include two main things: 1) their name and 2) a current phone number to reach you. If there’s extra room, you can also include your home address.

Absolutely! ID tags are a quick way for someone to identify that your cat has a loving pet parent, and gives them an easy way to reach you.

There are two common ways to attach an ID tag to your kitty’s collar. 1) Use an S ring and a pair of pliers, or 2) connect it with a split ring.

Yes. Whether your cat has access to an outdoor enclosure or is an all-the-time indoor cat, we recommend microchipping your kitty and outfitting them with a collar and ID tag.

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