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Cat Harnesses

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Cat Harnesses

Does your cat enjoy going for long walks? Or maybe you just want them extra secure during visits with your veterinarian. Either way, cat harnesses are a great way to let your cat feel a bit of freedom, while you can keep them in your sight. Cat harnesses wrap around the body of your cat, and can easily attach to a leash. They come in a variety of fun colors and patterns, as well as breathable and washable materials. Simply follow the product instructions to make sure they’re buckled or zipped in properly. And be sure to follow the product’s sizing guidelines to ensure a snug fit. If you’re taking your feline friend for a spin, outfit them in all the standard travel essentials including collars and leashes. And most importantly, be sure they have proper identification in the form of a cat ID tag.

FAQs About Cat Harnesses

The best harness for your cat depends on their size, and whether they’re more comfortable in a full body harness or just the straps—one around their neck like a collar, and the other around their waist.

A cat harness is used as an alternative to a cat collar. You can connect the leash to the back of your cat’s harness. Then you’re free to take them for a walk or ease them in and out of their carrier.

Cat harnesses are a secure option for your cat when you want to take them somewhere new. When used properly, cats can’t slip out of a harness, or run away if they get spooked.