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Cat Furniture Protection

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Cat Furniture Protection

Your cat is part of the family, but they may have a habit of leaving fur and stains on your furniture. Does this mean you have to banish your feline from the furniture forever? Not if you use a cat couch protector from Petco. Our cat furniture protectors drape over your couch and other furniture, protecting your expensive pieces from excess fur and stains.  

FAQs About Cat Furniture Protectors 

Cats have a well-earned reputation for curiosity. They like to jump up on and explore every aspect of their environment—including your furniture. Cats also have a natural drive to scratch, which can have negative consequences when they mistake the legs of your furniture for scratching posts. 

There are a variety of ways to protect your furniture while also living harmoniously with cats. First, a pet sofa protector can help shield your couch from pet hair and stains. Placing one or more comfy cat beds on your couch can also encourage your feline to curl up in the bed instead of leaving fur all over your couch. 

If your cat likes to scratch your furniture, take a look at our Cat Scratching Furniture Care Sheet and consider adding different cat scratchers in the room to divert your cat’s scratching habit to the right objects.  

One final option might be to use cat repellents and deterrents. Many cat repellents use sounds or smell that cats dislike to keep them away from certain spots in the house. They can be effective if you want a cat to stay off the couch or stop spraying in inappropriate areas. For problematic scratchers, you can apply sticky tape to the places your cat likes to scratch. Cats do not like the sticky sensation and may start to leave those areas alone.  

Many cats love to hide in dark, secluded places, especially when they feel stressed. That place might just be the bottom of your couch. To keep your cat from hiding under the couch or crawling up inside the sofa, you may want to try using a cat deterrent or repellent. Repellent often comes in the form of sprays that give off an odor that humans can’t smell but that your cat hates. Another option is to purchase a motion-activated deterrent, which will spray an odorless, non-staining spray when your cat comes close to the couch. In conjunction with discouraging your cat from hiding under the couch, give them a safe and appropriate place to hide. Consider investing in a cat condo or a cat tower that includes one or more hidey holes where your cat can retreat when they need some R&R.