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Cat Condos & Hideaways

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Cat Condos and Hideaways

Cat condos come in all shapes and sizes, especially when you shop the large selection of cat hideaways at Petco. Cat condo beds can help cats feel secure and relaxed and offer them a comfy place to catch a nap. At Petco, we have indoor and outdoor cat condos, as well as cat condos for large cats or multiple cats who enjoy snoozing together.

FAQs About Cat Condos and Hideaways

If your cat immediately jumps into an empty box or likes to curl up under a table or bed, chances are they’ll appreciate a cat hideaway. Cat condos offer your cat a nice and secure space where they can let down their guard and relax. The enclosed walls of cat condo beds also help trap heat, making it a cozy place for your feline. Many cats will use cat condos to nap and relax when they feel anxious or stressed.

If your cat isn’t using their new cat condo, consider placing treats like cat treats with catnip in the hideaway so they can start connecting it to positive experiences.

Like many different pet supplies, you can find cheap cat condos as well as luxury, more expensive condos. The question of whether these items are worth the cost depends on your budget and how much your cat enjoys the condo. To see if your cat might like a condo, you can try putting a blanket in a cardboard box. If your cat spends time in the box, they will likely use a cat hideaway bed. It’s a good idea to buy an actual cat condo, as they will last a lot longer than a cardboard box and be more comfortable for your cat.

Are you on a budget or love to take advantage of a sale? Check out Petco’s current cat deals. You may be able to find cat condo deals now or seasonally.

After a lot of use, you may notice that your cat bed needs a good clean. Many new cat condos are made of fabrics and materials that can be washed. However, read the instructions carefully on your cat hideaway, as some may include special instructions, like machine wash cold or air dry.

It can be a good idea to offer your cat spaces in your home where they can feel comfortable and secure. If you don’t provide a cat condo, you may notice your cat hiding under a bed, in the back of a closet or even behind a shelf. While you don’t necessarily need to purchase a cat hideaway, many pet parents would prefer to give their cats a safe, comfortable place they can go to be alone.