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Beds for Cats and Kittens

Cat beds are a great way to give your cat or kitten a comfortable place to sleep, lounge, and perch. Cats can spend anywhere from 9 to 16 hours a day sleeping, which is why some pet parents choose to place multiple cat beds in different areas of their home, providing comfort no matter where kitty decides to curl up and snooze. At Petco you’ll find a wide selection of cat beds to fit any area of your home, ranging from cushioned bolster beds to window beds and kitty caves. We also offer cat furniture options including trees and perches for cats that prefer to sleep off the ground.

FAQs about Cat Beds

Cats generally like to sleep, so they should be happy with a cozy spot designed to enhance their existing sleep habits. At Petco, pet parents can find a variety of bed options including heated cat beds, designer beds, and standard bolster beds.

Most of the cat beds available at Petco are one size fits all. That said, you’ll also find cat beds in sizes x-small to xx-large, depending on the needs of your cat.

This will depend on your cat’s individual personality. You might consider purchasing two cat beds, one open and one closed. That way you can see which type they prefer.

Cat beds can be placed wherever you prefer. Take notice of where your cat usually spends their sleeping time and provide a cat bed near that location. You might also choose to provide multiple cat beds throughout your home.