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Cat Tunnels

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Outdoor and Indoor Cat Tunnels

Your cat may sleep most of the day and lounge the rest of it, but they still have ties to their active wildcat ancestors. Domestic cats carry natural hunting, stalking and hiding instincts, and a cat tunnel is a perfect place to let it all out. They also provide a safe spot to sleep, which most cats are naturally drawn to. If your cat already has multiple beds and bedding options, a tunnel might be a new favorite spot to try.

FAQs About Cat Tunnels

Cats love tunnels because they answer some of the natural instincts domestic cats carry over from their wild counterparts. A cat tunnel offers a safe hiding spot, a vessel to zoom through while on the hunt and a place to lie low for some secluded rest. Whether playing or sleeping, most cats enjoy being able to retreat to space hidden from view. Some prefer a cat scratching tunnel that includes dangling toys to swat and scratch, while the best cat tunnel for your pet may have a lookout hole in the middle so they can keep an eye out as they hide.

While a collapsible cat tunnel is useful for space-saving and storage, you want a tunnel that will keep its form when in use. Look for a cat tunnel that is flexible yet sturdy, and tunnels that have internal wire, especially in a spiral, tend to hold their shape best. Your cat tunnel should be large enough for your cat to easily enter and exit but not so big that it cannot hold its shape without collapsing.

You can connect cat tunnels to create a more dynamic course for your pet to run through. Some are even made to connect, like 3-way cat tunnels that branch in different directions for added fun. You can also find options that connect various cat cubes with tunnels, so your cats have multiple places to play, rest and hide.

While every cat is different, most do love a cat tunnel. Depending on your pet’s personality and lifestyle, they may enjoy an outdoor cat tunnel, a large cat tunnel or one that connects in several directions. From a private hideaway to an avenue for running, the best cat tunnel gives your pet a safe space to be themselves. If you’ve ever noticed your cat hiding in blankets, under the bed or behind other furniture, a cat tunnel may be their new favorite toy.